Installation—hardwood, engineered, or pre-finished

Our speciality is hardwood floor installation.  We also install engineered (glue or nail) floors.  Our floors come in unfinished and pre-finished options. Our wood flooring expects will help you select the best style and stain for your lifestyle.

Refinishing—Sanding and finishing of new of existing hardwoods

Wether you’ve pulled up carpet to reveal original, dated wood floors or you’ve installed new wood floors—our professionals and process make it a clean and easy process to bring out the patterns and colors in your unique hardwood floors.

Flooring Repair

Our team is experienced in a variety of repair scenarios. Whether its an insurance claim from water damage, sun-fade from rugs, or even a house plant, our experienced professionals can fix your floors.

Recoating Hardwood Floors

Over time the finish on hardwood floors will dull and wear, our buff and coat process lightly sands off the top layer of clear coat and allows a new layer to adhere and create a scratch free surface with having to sand the wood all the way down.

Deep cleaning hardwood floors